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October 24, 2010

Earn free gift cards

Swagbucks was founded February 25, 2008. I am currently earning Swagbucks to convert into Amazon gift cards. There are many other gift cards to choose from and also merchandise. You can earn Swagbucks by searching the internet through there search engine and clicking on the links that they sponsor as well as playing games, taking surveys, doing special offers, and so much more. While you are searching you will randomly win Swagbucks. You will know you have won them as something will pop up on your screen you may or may not be prompted to put in a Captcha code to ensure that you are a real person. Join Swagbucks today and follow them on facebook or twitter for special codes to to earn even more Swagbucks  you can also download the swidget and tool bar for more helpful hints from TSG or TSGal (The Swag Guy or The Swag Gal). If there is a code you will receive information on the swidget or on the tool bar under TSG. If there is a code and you find it you can paste the code into the front page where it says Enter your Swag Code and then click on the word Gimmie. In addiction to winning all the other ways you can win once a day by clicking on daily poll, Trusted Surveys (and not even fill one out) also by clicking on NOSO and going to the bottom and skipping the offers. It is up to you how often you search there is no limit as to how many points you can earn but remember it is random you will not win points every time you do a search. I personally have redeemed AGC's and I have enough points to redeem several more or other gift cards or merchandise. Check out my swidget on my homepage on the right side. JOIN HERE

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