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February 9, 2011

The Angel Teddy Bear Foundation


Several years ago my sister had a miscarriage. It was a very rough time for her and she wasn't sure on where to get support other than from our family and her friends. Now there is a support group that will help others that have miscarried, had a neonatal loss or still born children. I have been a volunteer for nearly 4 years now through the Angel Teddy Bear Foundation. I volunteer by delivering boxes of teddy bears to nearby hospitals in my area that are in turn given to the parents of stillborn children, miscarriages and neonatal loss. Along with the teddy bears I deliver is a sympathy card containing a message and the website where support is offered to the parents and the family. The message on the paper is already printed all I do when the box comes is fold the papers into cards, and fill out the form and then deliver to one of my local hospitals in the labor and delivery area of the hospital. Then a nurse or someone in charge will fill out the form with how many bears and cards I left with them and sign there name they will then give it to parents that have lost a child.. I then return the filled out form to the Angel Teddy Bear Foundation and then they send another box to me. We know that these teddy bears are not to replace the precious ^i^  lost but it is something to hold. If you or anyone you know have had a loss and would like support or would like to volunteer visit there facebook page or visit the  Angel Teddy Bear Foundation for more information.

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