Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Today is Friday and I received another payment from YouData

February 11, 2011

Today is Friday and I received another payment from YouData

I received another payment from YouData

YouData was Founded Oct. 2007
One of my Favs.
They pay "every" Friday into your PayPal 
When you join you will be asked to verify yourself through your email and through a cell phone text message. You will only be asked to do this once. You must verify yourself through your email and text message this is to ensure YouData that you are who you say you are. YouData will NOT send you any other text messages this is only used to verify who you are so that you can join. Once you are verified and logged in you will go to the area at the top of the page and fill out the MeFile this will allow YouData to send you relevant ad offers. Fill out as little or as much as you want on your MeFile. Keep in mind the more detailed, accurate and consistent you are in your MeFile the more relevant ad offers you will receive. Once you have your MeFile filled out click on the "My Ads" tab located at the top of the page. You will need to sign back in. If there are any ads they will show up there and you will click on them to get the money. If you have your volume turned up you can hear the money cling when you click the button. There may also be some videos that you can watch which is a new beta feature. If you are on the home page and see where it says  Account QuickView it will say "To ads"  if there are any ads it will say how much you will earn if you view the ads. If it says $0.00 then there are no ads for you to view.  Make sure you have a Paypal account so that you can get paid. I have been using YouData for several months now and when I earn any money it gets deposited into my PayPal account every Friday and  I never have to worry if it is in there and because I always get an email when they have made there deposit. It is an easy, fast way to earn a little extra cash as well as view relevant ads that I am interested in . Join YouData today.

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