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March 9, 2011

Earn Free Gift Cards

Irazoo was Founded in 2006. I currently use Irazoo to earn points to convert into Amazon gift cards. Here are some helpful hints. While you search you will randomly win points. You will know you have won points as there will be a gift box that pops up on your screen with a red bow. You will be prompted below the box to type in the Captcha (this is to ensure you are a real person) Also as you search if you click on Irazoo sponsored links you will be able to click yes or no after 30 seconds to vote whether or not you would recommend the site you are viewing. You will also be able to leave a comment. If you leave a comment when you click yes or no you can do this 2 times per day and this will earn you 100 points guaranteed per day as well as your other random points you earn. Also under "My Account" if you click on the last link Earn Mega Points (*New*) you will earn an extra 5 points per day. You can also download there tool bar. Follow Irazoo on facebook and you can win extra points when they give out treasure codes. Once you find a treasure code Irazoo post's you will click on "My Account" on the Irazoo page not facebook and then go to the bottom where it says Add Treasure Code to get points. It is up to you how often you search there is no limit as to how many points you can earn but remember it is random you will not win points every time you do a search. I personally have redeemed AGC's . So what are you waiting for? JOIN Irazoo

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