Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Last stop Walgreens 4/20/11

April 21, 2011

Last stop Walgreens 4/20/11

Walgreen's seems to always have great deals on diapers. So I check here first. Then I compare like I did with Walmart before I left on this trip. My Walmart honors competitor store ads so the deal at Walgreen's on the Huggies diapers they would have honored but they require you bring the ad.  When I called Walmart for a price check and amount of diapers included in each pack to make sure I was getting the better deal. I found out that the diapers were $8.97 and there were more in them. They ended up being 2 cents cheaper than Walgreen's. But.. I knew if I spent $20 or more at Walgreen's I would get $5 in Register Rewards. I had a plan with the Register Rewards and I knew I would end up with more diapers than if I were to have bought them at Walmart.  My bestie and her son are tuckered out at this point.  As my son and daughter were too. I am ready and excited about my last great deal of the night. I hurried inside to get 4 packages of Jumbo Huggies diapers. They were marked $8.99 so I took them to the register with my 4 Great mfg coupons in my hand. As the cashier was ringing up the diapers she asked if I ever seen Extreme Coupons on TV. I told her yes but I wasn't going to get as great of a deal as they would because I didn't have any Register Rewards yet but I told her I had a plan with the one that would print out ( which I would receive since I was spending more than $20 on the Huggies). So she totaled the items which came to $35.96 I gave her my 4 mfg coupons. I had 2/$2 , 1/$3 and 1/$3.50 my total came to $27.98 I saved $8.00 in Walgreen's Advertised Savings and $10.50 mfg coupons for a total of $18.50 in savings. I watched my $5.00 Register Reward print out and I asked her if she would honor it if I ran back to get 1 more package of diapers. She said that would be fine. I wanted to ask because some cashiers make you walk out and come back in, since the Register Rewards are for your next purchase. Which I would have been fine with walking out. I went back and got the other package carrying my other mfg coupon as well. As I got to the register she totaled the diapers up which of course came to $8.99 I handed her my $5 Register Rewards and my other $3.50 mfg coupon. Cost of the diapers $0.49 (I knew I had done this right as I told the cashier it should end up being less than 50 cents. The tax on the diapers was more than the diapers ended up costing me. My last great deal of the night $1.12 for Huggies Jumbo pk diapers. Another savings of $2.00 for the Walgreen's advertised savings and $8.50 saving me another $10.50

I wish I would have had more register rewards I could have spent less out of my pocket maybe even gotten them for free or almost free and I could have saved my $14 valuable  manufacture  coupons for a different visit, but I needed to get the diapers now as I needed them and I didn't have time to rack up register rewards.  I'm going to start planning some of my shopping at Walgreen's to get the register rewards racked up so I can save even more next time. I am also going to start redeeming my gift cards for places like Walmart so I can save there even more. Click here to learn how to earn Free gift cards so you can save where you shop.

Trip 1
OOP $27.98
Total Savings $18.50
78% Savings

Trip 2
OOP $1.12
Total Savings $10.50
87% Savings

What a great night! I love getting Free and almost Free items with coupons. That ends my shopping trip. I'm so excited about the next.

Total Spent on my shopping trip $102.41
Total Savings $100.63
50% Savings I guess that's not awful with everything I got and had coupons for every bit of it.

I didn't forget to add the little bottle of hand sanitizer I got for free at Publix this time.

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