Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Shopping Trip 4/20/11

April 21, 2011

Shopping Trip 4/20/11

All my coupons came from Publix Baby Club   and I saved 52%. 

You must be a primary caretaker to sign up for the Publix Baby Club. You will receive age-appropriate newsletters and coupons. You can enroll any child up to 24 months of age. Separate enrollment forms should be completed for each child as age-appropriate coupons will be delivered. Coupons are delivered every 3-4 months

I took my bestie shopping with me and I scored some great buys.  Whoo-hoo! Now I'm not as good as those on Extreme Coupons or even a lot of those that I follow. But.. I do have to pat myself on the back for this trip. I did really great tonight. It was my biggest shopping trip with coupons and I made 3 stops. It got me excited and I can't wait to go again. My family and friends are reading this and they're probably thinking now wait a minute here.  She does not like to shop. That's right you heard it coming from someone finding the freebies coupons and other deals and posting them and doesn't like to shop? Yes I hate to shop. But I'm getting better. After this trip I realized I kind of like to shop, if I've got the right coupons to find the best deals. Otherwise I have buyers remorse before I even leave the parking lot. LOL!

Here are my Free deals at Publix using the Publix Baby Club coupons.

Publix brand- Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
Publix brand- Cocoa Butter skin lotion
Publix brand- Hand Sanitizer - Not shown

Publix Bogo's with my Publix Baby Club coupons

Kotex Pads
Publix Baby Wipes
Publix Jumbo Diapers

All my other great buys with my Publix Baby Club Coupons

Pampers Cruisers
Pampers 3x Refill
Enfamil Premium Ready to use formula
Clorox Sanitizing Spray
Johnson & Johnson Night time Bubble Bath
StayFree Pads
8 jars Beech-nut Baby Food

OOP (Out of Pocket) $38.91
Total savings $35.82
52% savings

I am so proud of myself! If I would have had more time I could have found other MFG Coupons to go along with these great deals. 

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