Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Hearing the words "Coupons are worthless pieces of paper "

June 15, 2011

Hearing the words "Coupons are worthless pieces of paper "

Yesterday I stopped in to grab a few things at my local grocery store with my sister. While I was at the self check out. I noticed that someone didn't take there coupons with them after they checked out at the register I was at. The cashier helping others at the self check out told me I could go ahead and take the coupons if I wanted them, so I did.  As I was finishing up my transaction the lady next to me told the man that was with her to leave the coupons for someone else that she didn't do coupons, and "coupons are worthless pieces of paper" and she rushed out the door.  My mouth dropped and I just had to bite my tongue. When they left I asked the cashier if I could have those coupons too, and she said yes.  I smiled, said thank you, and walked over to my sister. My sister is very outspoken and she says to me, "Wow that's like saying they don't need to save money".  I said to my sister it's okay not everyone understands how coupons work. They were really good coupons too.  Save $10 on the next $50 purchase and some food items too.  My sister said to me if she didn't want to shop here she could have shopped at the other store as they accept competitors coupons now. I said yeah true but maybe she is not from around here and maybe there isn't a store to use them at where she lives. Or maybe she didn't know the coupons could be used at the other grocery store. I told my sister you seen the lady was in a hurry because she rushed right out the door. I kept making up excuses for this woman that I didn't even know. I even said maybe she was well off and didn't think she needed to save money.  It did bother me that the lady said that coupons were worthless pieces of paper. I kept thinking if I could have only shown her how coupons would help her save on what she had purchased.  I know some people that just don't like to use coupons for many reasons and even refuse to use them. Coupons can be time consuming and a hassle, but for many like me it helps to save money. Whether we save money to buy something else or save the money for a vacation,  coupons are very valuable for many people even our US Troops overseas. If the lady wouldn't have been in such a big hurry and my milk wouldn't have spoiled on a hot 100 degree summer day, then I would have told her a little about how coupons worked. Some people just are not interested and that is okay. Not everyone will turn to coupons, but for those that do it's awesome isn't it?

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