Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: On the Go and Going Nuts

June 26, 2011

On the Go and Going Nuts

It's been one of those weeks constantly on the go. Boys fighting constantly and at each others throats and calling each other names. Just when I think I have it under control and everything is calm they're at it again.  Ten minutes later hearing the kids say "I'm bored". The baby isn't sleeping through the night and I'm running low on energy and wishing I had the energy my kids have. Running around all week finding clothes, shoes, party supplies, picking out the perfect cake, picking up a cake, and a few odds and ends. Finishing up the laundry and finding out there's more which seems to be endless, and where did it all come from- are they even my kids clothes? Running to get the baby she's headed toward the dog water. Run to get the door there's another package I need to sign for. Letting the dogs out, and run back to get them because they're barking and want back in because its raining.  Vacuum the floor and five minutes later after winding up the cord the kids spill potato chips on the floor, and the dogs didn't eat the left over crumbs. The baby keeps pulling off her diaper and sitting on the stone hearth of the fireplace clapping her hands.  Answer the phone that never stops ringing.  Sweep and mop the floor in the kitchen and once it's dry one of the kids spills sweet tea on the floor, but forgets to say anything about it. Spend an hour trying to find the rod to the rotisserie, and spend a half hour with my sister forcing the chicken on the rod while fighting with the string because it's not wanting to cooperate.  Turn off the TV because no one is watching it, and see it turn on as I start to turn around "mommy I'm going to watch TV now"  Hearing a song blaring on the kids computer and my youngest son keeps playing it over and over. Finding something to make for supper that I know everyone likes, make it, sit down at the table for my youngest to say "Ewe I'm not eating I don't like that".  Making something else to cater to his needs because at this point I really don't feel like arguing with him to get him to sit up and eat it. By the end of the week I'm ready to pull my hair out and Go Nuts!

On this early Sunday morning, I think to myself all of the memories I've shared with my kids all week. Whether the memories be of vacuuming up there potato chips or cleaning up there tea on the kitchen floor or running to the baby that never stops taking off her diaper and getting into things. I sit here and think to myself one day it's going to be quiet around here, and the kids are going to be grown and not living here at home. The day that happens is the day I'm going to Go Nuts! 


Diana said...

Your Gonna Miss this
It won't be like this for long

Diana said...

You are gonna Miss this
it won't be like this for long.
The kids will have the memories of you being there.

DebrasDollars said...

I know it. That is my favorite song, and it makes perfect sense.