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June 16, 2011

Overage I'm loving it!

With a little time,  a lot of luck and with my sisters help cutting coupons, I was able to snag 24 items from 2 stores for Free plus overage yesterday. I say luck because I was lucky to have gotten so many of the same coupons.  First stop was Dollar General. I was able to get 10 tic tacs priced at 65¢ each and with a coupon worth 75¢ off. The overage was $1 and my sales tax was 46¢ I ended up making 54¢. Awesome! Next stop was Walmart, I was able to purchase 11 bottles of Dial Body Wash (travel size) priced at 97¢ with my $2 off coupons I was able to earn $1.03 for each and I had 11 coupons. I had a coupon 1 Free pkg of Always pads 18 ct they were priced $3.97 . I also had 2- $1 off coupons for Ivory bar soap the Ivory bar soap was 97¢ . My total came to $11.39 after coupons including sales tax which was $1.17 with the sales tax being deducted I was given back $10.22. Awesome again! Two stops tonight and I was paid to take everything out of the stores for a total of 24 items and a grand total of $10.76 in my pocket.  Publix was out of the Tylenol Precise which I will be able to pick up on my next trip to town for Free as it is on sale for $4.99 and I have a 2-$5.00 off coupons. Looking forward to another great trip.  The nice thing is I didn't have any problems from the cashiers and I had a pleasant shopping trip. For someone who hates to shop I sure enjoyed it tonight. Overage I'm loving it!

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