Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Free Chuck E. Cheese Tokens

August 26, 2011

Free Chuck E. Cheese Tokens

Chuck E. Cheese's offers free printable reward calendars. When your child has completed a reward calendar just bring it along on your next Chuck E. Cheese visit to earn 10 free tokens! This could be a great motivator for your little ones.  
The Reward Calendars include: 
Clean Your Room, 
Teeth Brushing, 
Reading Rewards, 
Potty Training, 
Homework Helper and many more! 
Something extra to work toward is getting good grades. Chuck E. Cheese also offers up to 15 tokens for good grades on there report cards! Great incentives! Learn more here

We strive to find the best freebies from around the Web every day.  However, we cannot control the quantity of the freebies the length of the offers, nor do we fulfill the freebie orders.

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