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August 15, 2011

My morning surprise

I woke up this morning and to my surprise The Charming Mad Chatter formally known as the Professionally Insane M blog nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. I am very honored to have received this Award, and I would like to thank The Charming Mad Chatter for nominating me.

After accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, the blogger must

  1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs. 
Now I would like to share 7 things about myself with you

  1. I plan on returning to College to pursue my education in the medical field.
  2. I type fast and efficiently and was once told I should go to College to become a Stenographer. 
  3. I enjoy playing computer games at online sites.
  4. I have a big collection of frogs, however I have never tried frog legs and couldn't force myself to try them. 
  5. I enjoy watching Nascar, and Jimmie Johnson is my favorite driver. His daughter was born the same day and year as my daughter too.
  6. My boys are much older than my daughter, in fact they are 10 and 12 years older than she is. 
  7.  My favorite Cartoon characters are the Smurfs. I've liked them since I was a child.  However, I have not seen the Smurfs movie yet, but would look forward to seeing it. 
Last, but certainly not least I must nominated 15 bloggers for The Versatile Award.  I am proud to announce these brilliant bloggers. There are many more brilliant bloggers so it was a difficult decision.

  1. A Mom's Take 
  2. Pink Dryer Lint
  3. A Thrifty Mom
  4. Heavenly Savings
  5. Love is everywhere
  6. A Little Simplicity
  7. Quick Tattletails
  8. Inspiring You 2 Save
  9. Mel Dreams Often
  10. The Mama Report
  11. Family Friendly Frugality
  12. Sweep Tight
  14. Not So Silent Mommy
  15. Frugally Thrifty


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the award!
Quick Tattletails

Madeline said...

:) I love Nascar too!

Robin Kramer said...

Debra, thanks so much for selecting me as a Versatile Blogger. Much appreciated!

Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint

DebrasDollars said...

Bonny and Robin you are so welcome for the award. That's great Madeline who is your favorite driver?

Jennifer S. said...

Thanks so much! How thoughtful of you! :))))

DebrasDollars said...

You are so very welcome Jennifer!

Marlee's Creations said...

I don't think I ever thanked you. Thanks for the award! :)

DebrasDollars said...

You are very welcome Melissa!

A Mom's Take said...

Whoops, I am *just* not getting around to last weeks blog hop comments, thanks for the award but I'm too swamped to really think about passing it along! That was very kind of you though! :)

New follower! Thanks for participating in the Good Friends Just Click Blog Hop! :)


DebrasDollars said...

You are so very welcome Janel. Have a wonderful day!