Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Kidfresh Meals Review & Giveaway - THREE WINNERS! (CLOSED)

September 22, 2011

Kidfresh Meals Review & Giveaway - THREE WINNERS! (CLOSED)

Recently I had been given the opportunity to review Kidfresh products with my daughter. I was really excited to have her try these because she already likes some frozen dinners.  I like having easy things around for her for those busy days when time just catches up on you. 

We all know that the frozen section foods aren't always appealing and lack a lot of the nutritional value we want for our kids and sometimes frozen foods lack in taste too. The Kidfresh products are very appealing and they do taste great, because I tried them. Most importantly they provide nutrition with 100% natural ingredients.  There is so much packed in these meals like Vitamin A, fiber and vegetables. Kidfresh did something tricky. They hid vegetables in their products, and how they did this is they pureed them.  When my daughter gets a little older she won't even realize the vegetables are in there.

My daughter really loved the Wagon Wheel Mac + Cheese that we were able to pick up at Publix. We were also able to pick up the Spaghetti Loops Bolognese, and surprisingly my older boys liked it.

Kidfresh is not just kid friendly it's mom friendly too
  • Kidfresh uses 100% natural ingredients 
  • Kidfresh products contain up to a 1/2 of a cup of pureed vegetables. 
  • Kidfresh moderates the sodium and fat in the meals and their is about 300 calories along with the vegetables, fiber, Vitamin A and more! 
  • The containers  are recyclable, and  phtalate- free, BPA Free, so they are environmentally friendly. 
  • Kidfresh also partners with Save The Children a leading charitable organization.

What I liked best about the Kidfresh products is they are convenient and nutritious with no artificial ingredients, flavors, colors or preservatives.  My daughter enjoyed the Kidfresh products as well as my boys. We are replacing the other frozen meals they used to eat with Kidfresh meals. They are now another alternative meal in our household.  I highly recommend the Kidfresh products!

The Kidfresh products are not a big enough portion to fill up my two older children in middle school for dinner. I knew they wouldn't be filled up after eating the Kidfresh products, but I still wanted them to try it to get their opinions. They said they would eat Kidfresh products for something different, and I would Not hesitate to heat one of these up for them as a snack. It a healthy nutritional alternative fast snack for them, and I would be happy to serve this to them to replace some of the junk food they fill up on before dinner. 

Kidfresh is available at select Publix grocery stores in Florida and Georgia. Find a location near you so you can try the Kidfresh products. 

Kidfresh is graciously giving three of my readers  (2) coupons each for FREE Kidfresh meals!

All opinions are my own. I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Kidfresh and received Kidfresh coupons and products to facilitate my review, coupons to give away, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


Delco Deal Diva said...

Looks yummy and convenient

Delco Deal Diva said...

Looks like the perfect portion for my daughter!

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Mac & Cheese, of course!!

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I think my child would like the mac + cheese!
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the rainbow rice + chicken!

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Rainbow Rice + Chicken
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