Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 12, 2011

Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Being a truck drivers wife isn't easy but it's the life I live. Does someone in your family Roll On?  I know what it is like being home, and doing everything knowing my husband is out on the road.  It's about like being single, but knowing you are married and can't have the one you love and are married to by your side every night, like most families. I pay the bills, take out the trash, clean the house. I do all of the shopping, get the kids off to school and deal with teachers, and after school activities. I make all the meals, wash all the dishes and make sure everyone has clean clothes. Does it ever end? All of us know how hard  it is, but think about doing it on a daily basis without your spouse.  It may seem easy because of a routine or because you know you can do it. Maybe you are married to someone in the military or maybe you are already married to someone that is a Truck Driver. Those that have the pleasure of going home to their spouse at night I want you to take the time to appreciate them and thank them for the beautiful life you have and live. Many of us sacrifice our lives so that you can enjoy yours. My husband is sacrificing his life being away from our family everyday so that you can enjoy yours. The bed you sleep on was most likely delivered by a truck driver. The food you eat was delivered by a truck driver. The vitamins and supplements you take were delivered by a truck driver. Today when you see a truck driver wave as a way to say thank you for the life you live. Many military men and women are being honored and remembered this week. They too sacrifice being away from their families so that you can live your wonderful life.  Today I want to honor every truck driver and his or her family. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to all of the truckers which include my husband and father.  I know you sacrifice being away from our families just like those in the Military. This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week so thank a truck driver today! I have a special shirt my husband bought me and I wear it proudly. The shirt says THE ONLY THING TOUGHER THAN A TRUCKER IS A TRUCKERS WIFE.


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