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October 21, 2011

Little Crow Foods Review and Contest

I was recently given the opportunity to try Little Crow Foods' products. Little Crow Foods was founded in 1903 in Warsaw, Indiana and it is a family owned fourth generation company. The history behind this company is really amazing. They have five products with a few different flavors to offer. I want to share my thoughts about the products, as well as tell you more about what the company has to offer you and your family.
To start my first morning off after receiving the products my kids and I tried the COCO Wheats. COCO Wheats was the first product made in 1903. I love the option of being able to use the microwave for school mornings, so I made mine in the microwave with the instructions on the box.  The COCO Wheats were very easy to make and they had a nice unique cocoa flavor. They were hot, creamy and delicious. My daughter is really picky when it comes to breakfast food. The only thing I can get her to eat is cold cereal, but after giving her a bite of these she loved them. My kids and I really really liked the COCO Wheats and they are going to be on our next shopping list so that we don't run out. They are healthy for you because they have a good source of calcium, vitamins and iron in every bowl, and no added salt or sugar. COCO Wheats is available in two sizes the 14 oz box and the 28 oz box.

For a supper one night I tried the Bakin' Miracle, and it was made in 1989. The Bakin' Miracle is a seasoned coating mix which I had put on my chicken cordon bleu. It was quick and easy to make just like the package says. We really liked the subtle flavor it had because it didn't over power my dish. My chicken cordon bleu turned out perfect, I now have bragging rights for the best chicken cordon bleu recipe in my family.  Bakin' Miracle can be used on chicken, fish and pork. 

On Saturday morning I made the Fast Shake Pancake Mix for my kids and their friend that had stayed the night. Fast Shake Pancake Mix was introduced in 1985. I was given blueberry, original and buttermilk flavors to try. The blueberry flavor was everyone's favorite. Surprisingly it was my favorite too because I'm not much of a blueberry fan but I really liked these blueberry pancakes. The buttermilk came in second and then original came in last as far as our favs in order. The Fast Shake Pancake Mix is just like it says (fast to make) all I did was add a small amount of water and shake the bottle. This made for easy clean up too, you gotta love that! This is great for school mornings because it's fast to make and your not measuring a bunch of ingredients.  Fast Shake comes in two sizes singles/couples 5 oz. and families 10.5 oz. If you are watching your cholesterol this is a great product to incorporate into your diet as you do not use any eggs. I have no photo of the pancakes I made because my kids and their friend gobbled the pancakes up before I could get my camera out. I admit I scarfed mine down too because they were so good.

For supper Saturday I made fried chicken mom's request as she came to visit. I used the Fryin' Magic which was introduced to the Little Crow Foods product line in 1953. The Fryin' Magic was a great tasting seasoning and it added a nice crust to my chicken. Fryin' Magic can be used on chicken, pork and fish products you could even try it on your favorite veggies. Although I liked the seasoning on the chicken I think this product would be awesome on fish.

Sunday my dad was requesting my homemade veggie soup. I decided since corn bread goes so well with veggie soup that this was the perfect time to try my last product to review. The Miracle Maize Corn Bread & Muffin Mix, the Country Style was developed in 1939. The Sweet Miracle Maize was introduced in 1972.  The Miracle Maize Country Style Corn Bread & Muffin Mix was a bit bland for me and my family. I believe the company intended it to be this way as it's the old-fashioned cornmeal flavor that many older folks probably grew up on, and still eat today. I will use the rest of the box however,  I will probably have to add a little sugar to the batter for my family for the cornbread but there are other recipes I could make using this product without sugar. The Miracle Maize Sweet Corn Bread & Muffin Mix was the flavor I was hoping for. The sweetness is light and just right for my families taste buds, it's more of a modern flavor. 

I do recommend all of these products. You can make many different meals and play around in the kitchen and whip up something unique and yummy for your family.  If your store does not carry these products you can ask the grocery manager and they may be able to get these products to your store. If you are not successful finding these products locally you can order directly from  Little Crow Foods

Visit Little Crow Foods for a nice collection of  recipes and really cool  CoCo Wheat's merchandise. It's something to think about with the holidays right around the corner.  

Here is something really cool that I seen on the companies website and the older generation may remember this.. The "Jolly Joe" children's show or the syndicated "Happy Hank" children's radio show. Check out the TV spot for COCO Wheats as well as the Radio Spot it's some really cool history.

Visit Little Crow Foods on facebook and "like" them to enter their Good Never Gets Old Photo Contest. You could win a 3- day trip to New York City for a photo shoot of your family, plus their are over 600 other prizes! For more information visit there facebook page. 

Disclosure: I received Little Crow Foods products for free in order to try the products and form an opinion for this review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

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Angela Harsted said...

I love coco wheats! This is a good hot cereal and my son really loves it too.