Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Our last week of October!

October 30, 2011

Our last week of October!

We've had a week of fun. We celebrated our 14th Anniversary at Red Lobster Tuesday. It was nice to have an evening away from the kids but, I did miss them. On Thursday we took the kids out along with my sister and nephew to Texas Road House, just because. On Friday we went to Wild Adventures. We took my sister and nephew because we had free tickets,  and we went to the Phobia which was a haunted path at the theme park.  We all had a blast, but my daughter only got to ride the Ferris Wheel because the kiddie rides were closed. It was more for older kids and adults on Friday, but she's been on the kiddie rides several times in the past. Yesterday we went to the Mall to trick or treat and my daughter was unsure about some of the costumes the adults were wearing. She did not like standing in line she just wanted to walk around. My boys are much older and really didn't want to go but, I really wanted them to go to share the memories of their sisters first Halloween. I had a hard time getting my oldest son to go, once we got there he was fine. My youngest son was all for it but, once we got their he just didn't want to be there.  I had a blast seeing all three kids dressed up for probably the last year together. My oldest son Anthony (we call him Ant) dressed up wearing his hoodie he earned playing football two years ago along with his helmet he got to keep for memorabilia. My husband dressed up my youngest son Nicholas. His costume? We don't know you decide. When everyone asked what or who he was his response was...I'm not dressed up. This is my regular attire. Too funny! He wore my husbands old hooded jacket along with my leggy pantyhose  on his head and 3D glasses, sometimes he had the hood on and sometimes he didn't he said it was too hot in the Mall, and eventually he took it all off. My daughter Violet was dressed up as a fairy princess she was given the outfit on her first birthday, so it came in very handy this Halloween.

Tonight we're going to the Columbia County Fair, my kids will be able to ride more rides and my husband will enjoy taking our daughter on the kiddie rides for the first time. Tomorrow we're going to finish everything off with some yummy Tamales that my awesome neighbor is making along with the last night of trick or treat and the Fire Station Halloween Bash. It's been a great week. I love this time of year it's the perfect time for all of the fun fall activities.


Unknown said...

My kids are 10 1/2 years apart. My oldest is 13 and in high school. I really wanted him to go do all of the fun Halloween activities with his little brother (3 y.o.) but he was NOT going to do it. Then, I found a costume with a mask that completely cover his head. He is now excited to go trick-or-treating tonight with my little one because 1) Free candy, and 2) no one will know who he is!

DebrasDollars said...

That's awesome Alicia! I will have to get my boys masks and maybe they will feel more comfortable going with my daughter. We were trying to go cheap with what we had here it being their last year. A mask would be a cheap fix and they won't outgrow it. Great idea!