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May 21, 2012

Top Applications for your Job Hunting on the Go Needs

Unless you have your own business that is generating enough to sustain your monthly expenses, being jobless is definitely inconvenient. However, landing a bad job is just as equally depressing. This results to jobseekers constantly flooding hiring companies and job finder websites. Too much competition can take much of your time and lower your rate of being hired. Thus, it is important to get ahead from the competition and have an advantage that will let you have the best job opportunities. You can rely on your smart phone for this one.

1. CareerBuilder
This application allows you to search for a job wherever you are. SO if your current job interview finishes early and you are asked to play the waiting game, then you will still be able to search for the nearest job opportunities that are available from your registered location. You can also filter the search results by using keywords, just like in Google.

2. Job compass
Job compass is just like CareerBuilder. But the difference is that this application uses your phone's GPS module to determine your current location. After this has been done, the application will then search its database for the latest job opportunities and will display the nearest jobs in your area. The result can be filtered to display the nearest jobs within 5 miles up to a hundred miles radius.

3. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a popular site for job finders and employers alike. The application not only functions as a job search engine but also functions like a social networking app allowing you to make conversations and personal appeals to your potential employers or employees (if you are looking for one). LinkedIn is an established and credible website and it will be good to have this on your phone.

4. Now Hiring
One of the hassles in looking for a new job online is making a sense out of tons of advertisements and spams. If you are looking for a job that sorts the result according to place, company, position, requirements, and so on, Now Hiring can help you. This application also ensures that you are actually looking at a job that is available. The application’s database is regularly updated to eliminate the job offerings that are already closed.

Apparently, all you need to land a job fast is to have a smart phone with you. If you do not have enough money to buy a smart phone yet, then perhaps you need to take a look on some great cell phone deals and start getting one. You can also use your computer to view these sites provided that you have an internet connection. Promo codes can even help you get discounts when availing an internet service. You can use verizon fios promotion code to get great deals from Verizon that will surely save you a lot of money.

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