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May 21, 2012

We remodeled but I'm back

I'm back! I apologize for being gone so long, it was a lot longer than expected. About five weeks ago we decided to have our floors worked on and start our remodeling process. We had blue carpet and wanted to make it cleaner in our home, plus we desperately needed to fix some wood floors from a window air conditioner leak. 

We had two options laminate and vinyl because we knew we didn't want to go with carpet. We went with vinyl because there's a debate over whether laminate should be installed in kitchens and bathrooms and other rooms exposed to heavy water or steam. The wood planks were a thought but if the flooring is heavily worn, deeply scratched, or grooved it cannot be sanded or refinished like solid hardwood and would need to be replaced sooner so we went with the vinyl, and it was not as expensive.

I picked out a really pretty wood grain vinyl and when my dad walked in to see some of what had already been laid down and glued he said he would have never known it was vinyl if we hadn't told him. Since there is a little graininess and roughness to the vinyl when you walk on it that makes it feel different than vinyl its got a natural shine so it doesn't look fake when you are looking at it.

We also decided to get new furniture to go with our new floor. My husband wanted leather and I wanted something with removable cushions so it would be easier to wash. I compromised and picked out this lovely sectional which in the future if we decide to change color we could replace the big pillows because those are removable too.

During this process of remodeling the floors we decided to take down the crib and put up a big girl bed for my daughter who is almost two. I also was able to pick out some bedding for my daughters room.  I was going to go with this pretty toddler bedding but they didn't have the comforter to match and they didn't know if they would get anymore in. Awhile ago I was looking for something with butterflies and I found what I was looking for but I needed to order it and it wasn't going to be here for about a week, so I picked out something girly to go in her room until the quilt came in. 

Then the quilt came in and I put it on her bed. I only have blinds in her room right now but I plan on getting white curtains. 

I found some butterfly tie backs on Amazon and I just need to order them. I won't have to spend any money for the tie backs because I earned $5 Amazon gift cards from  Swagbucks. I also earned $5 Amazon gift cards from Irazoo and many different kinds from Zoombucks

My mom is also painting and wallpapering my bathroom because I don't have the patience and skill do to the wallpapering. It is a pretty antique looking yellow. My mother in law gave me the wallpaper a long time ago and my mother had matching paint and I have the white for the ceilings when I helped paint my daughters room so really it didn't much to do my bathroom other than a paint roller and some cheese cloth. The cheese cloth is going between the cracks where the strips of paneling were taken off so the wallpaper will stick better and not look like a big bulge where the paneling strips are. My mom was really tired and we were going on 5 hours of sleep in 48 hours so no wallpaper is done yet. Not all if it is painted yet, so where you see paint on the other side of the wall through the glass that is where some of the wallpaper will go. My mom painted an area which you can see through the glass. That area is a panel which opens up so that if my walk in shower needs work it can be accessible. It will have wallpaper on it but the paint is there so that she doesn't have to go so close to the edge. This way if someone has to open the panel to work on the shower they can and it won't peel the wallpaper back. We thought about painting it there but it can still be wallpapered so we are doing that instead.

I also plan on painting my bedroom Violet Aster which is a Martha Stewart Living color at Walmart. I wanted to make sure that I bought the comforter now because I was afraid that I might not be able to get it later. Since I can buy the paint anytime I may have not been able to get the comforter. You know how they always change there inventory at Walmart and you never know when a shipment will come in or if they'll get anymore of what you want so I got it now. I only had to pay $12 and some change out of my pocket because I had a $50 gift card. The bedding looks just like this and the walls will too. I also plan on getting the plum curtains to match at Walmart in the curtain section and they are $10 I believe they are Main Stay curtains. It will look beautiful when it's all done.

We are also planning on getting a new roof next month so there will be a lot of hammering going on as there has been for about 4 weeks. Now that my house is finally in order it was time to enjoy my family from Indiana. I worked day and night with 5 hours of sleep for 48 hours finishing getting my house clean so we could spend time together. They were here for a short time, only 2 days. They left yesterday afternoon for some much needed time and vacation in Orlando but we will be seeing them again in July.

As you can see we had a lot going on with all of the carpet being pulled out and vinyl being laid and walls being painted. I didn't think it would take this long but now that it's done I can relax and get back to work on my blog. Be sure to keep reading as I have a few reviews and giveaways coming up that I wasn't able to get to due to re arranging furniture in different rooms so that the floor could get done and then I was without my computer for quite some time because I had to get my house back in order. I hope you will stick around for more to come.

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