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June 11, 2012

Hicural Hiccup Relief Review

Do you get the those dreadful hiccups at awkward times and you wished there were a way to get rid of them? Now you can get rid of the hiccups fast and effectively and safe and naturally with an FDA-approved polypropylene tool called hicural.

Hicural Hiccup Relief how is it possible? Well it's simple with this new tool that you put into your mouth and you bite down gently, and drink a glass of water. It's safe, easy and natural to use and it's convenient too. This innovative tool gives you hiccup relief in just seconds. 

The hicural tool can be stored in this germ-free tube until your next use. Now you can be sure it's fresh and clean for the next time you have the hiccups. The tube is small enough that it will fit in your pocket, or purse and you can even store it in your desk at work or in your car. 

I was given the opportunity to try hicural for myself. I will be honest I was very skeptical and wondered how could a piece of plastic give me relief of the hiccups with a glass of water.  Since I've tried a glass of water in the past and it never worked I wondered how this plastic tool would work along with the glass of water, so I waited for the hiccups. Usually I get the hiccups pretty often but I had to wait quite awhile to get them. Finally I got the hiccups so I ran to get the hicural and a glass of water. I tried the hicural and it was light weight  and easy to use and the hiccups went away within just a few seconds.

I wondered if this was just a coincidence and was it just that the hiccups had went away on there own. Or was it that maybe I was only going to hiccup a few times anyways. So I waited for the hiccups to come back, and finally after a few days the hiccups came back and I went to get the hicural. Guess what?! It worked again the hicural worked and my hiccups went away again in just seconds. I wanted to know how this was possible and I started reading online about the product, and here is what I read. The hicural worked because the design allowed water and air to flow and it caused my throat muscles to tense up when I bit down on the plastic tool. When I did this it caused my hiccups to go away almost immediately. I was so impressed I had to show my husband the next time I got the hiccups and then my kids. I was so excited to get the hiccups just so I could show everyone it really works. Now that everyone knows it works they know how to get rid of the hiccups when they get them and they know it will work fast.

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Children and adults of all ages can use hicural safely with effective results.  Even those suffering from chronic hiccups can benefit from this innovative tool.  I do recommend hicural because it's safe and effective way to get relief from the hiccups. I love that it's a natural way to get rid of the hiccups. To learn more about hicural for hiccups relief you can visit their website as well as stay updated and become a Fan of hicural on Facebook and stay updated on Twitter.

"Disclosure: I received a free sample of "Hicural" a tool used to relieve hiccups in order to try the product to form an opinion for this review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site".

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