Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Shoplet Esselte Folders Review

June 20, 2012

Shoplet Esselte Folders Review

Are you looking for high quality yet affordable office supplies? Check out Shoplet they are an online company that sells a variety of Office Supplies from really cool notebooks and pens to nice writing instruments to colorful duct tape as well as different types of  file folders and file jackets.

I have been given the opportunity to review Shoplet Esselte Folders and I want to share with you the some of the products. The first product I want to tell you about is the Pendaflex Divide it Up File Folder. This folder comes in handy when you have different papers from the same subject to keep separate but all together. There are three sections in this one folder and it helps to manage multiple documents or subdivide projects. Each section is closed on two sides which prevents the papers inside from falling out.  This durable folder holds up to 175 sheets of paper and the folder comes in an assortment of colors like blue, red and yellow, you'll get four of each color when you purchase this product and it's sold in packs of 12.

Now I would like to share with you the Esselte Copysafe File Jacket which has a unique printed design on clear poly. This is a special file jacket which will keep your important documents safe and confidential. The clear poly allows you to know what's inside the file jacket but the unique design prevents the contents from being read by others.  This file jacket is lightweight and is translucent poly and it's wear resistant so you won't have to worry about the design rubbing off and it's tear resistant as well as moisture resistant. If you need to transport sensitive, confidential, letter-size 8.5" x 11" documents or want to store them in your existing filing system you may want to pick up some of the Esselte Copysafe File Jackets, and when you purchase these file jackets you'll get 10 in each pack.  

I was also given the opportunity to review Pendaflex Ready-Tab Lift Tab Reinforced Hanging Folders which are sold in boxes of 25 and include sticker labels. These hanging folders can make filing easier and faster. The patent pending Lift Tab technology makes the tabs sturdier and easier to change position. You can also write directly on the tabs or use the sticker labels that are included. These Pendaflex Ready-Tab Lift Tab Reinforced Hanging Folder come in an assortment of colors and you'll get five colors each of the blue, bright green orange, red and yellow. 

I was given another product to review which is the Ampad Project Planner. This project Planner benefits cancer research and education with a portion of the profits donated with each purchase.  This planner is spiral bound with a card stock cover and then a pink and white striped cover.  The back is a heavier cardboard it works together with the front cover for durability. This project planner includes 84 sheets of 20 lb paper and each sheet is micro-perforated for clean and easy sheet removal.  This project planner also included numbered spaces with heading and action columns with planner ruling. This project planner is perfect for taking meetings or taking notes at your desk. This is a quality planner not a calendar planner, so you can add your own dates and use each page the way you want to use them. If you're looking for a planner that's not just a traditional lined page, then this is a great option. This project planner will come in handy for many people including bloggers it's great to keep track of your reviews and giveaways using one of these project planners and purchasing them also benefits cancer research and education it's a win win. . Shoplet also has a Daily Planner if you're looking for a weekly or monthly appointment book.

I recommend these office supplies from Shoplet they are great for organizing. These products are unique and durable products and are a very great value. If you're looking to purchase Shoplet products they do have products that are eligible for free shipping. You can stay updated with Shoplet on Facebook and become a fan or follow Shoplet on Twitter

"Disclosure: I received the shoplet products above for free in order to try the products to form an opinion for this review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site"

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