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July 30, 2012

How to receive Greater Exposure on Instagram with more Followers

Instagram has become a popular tool to help manipulate photographs, which are taken on an iPhone before sharing them with social networking groups. Both Twitter and Facebook are fantastic platforms for sharing your photos. Once you have been uploading for a while, you will discover that you have followers who enjoy your creative side.

People all over the world enjoy looking at photographs, and the Instagram tool enables exciting effects to be created. Once you begin to use the tool, you will notice that people can like, and comment on your uploaded photos. Building the network of followers may seem daunting in the beginning. However, are several different ways that you can build your followers, and ensure that your Instagram account remains popular.

Only use your best photos

Sharing your photos is the purpose of Instagram; however, you need to ensure that they are quality pictures. People want to look at photos which are appealing, and taken by a confident and capable photographer. If you post bad quality photos, you will find that people no longer follow you, and will not return to look again. Taking the time to select the best photos is essential and will guarantee that your followers return.

Limit the numbers of photos

You may have hundreds of photos that you want to upload; however, people will tire of constant uploading, therefore, posting them in batches is advised. Followers like to look at the latest photos in small numbers, too many and they lose interest and move on to another person. If you want all of the photos uploaded, you need to ensure that you post them over a few days.

Selecting the right time to post

Posting when people are not active on the Internet is never a good idea, as very few followers will see your photos. Choosing the most active time of the day will benefit your Instagram community, and ensure that you attract comments and likes. If you are able to achieve a huge number of likes in a small amount of time, you will feature on the popular page.

Stagger your postings

You may have several photos that you want to post; however, if you stagger the time that you post, you will find that you reach a wider audience. Do not spam your target audience, or they will leave your community. Every two hours is seen as acceptable, and will ensure that your followers enjoy the photos and do not consider them to be a problem.

Geo tagging is essential

The Instagram tool allows you to tag the location of your photos, which is an excellent way for them to be seen more. People that have visited the location, or live near the location will take an interest in your photos. Once they see photos from places they love, they will be more inclined to follow you in the future.

Tagging is fantastic
Instagram likes to group relevant pictures together, similar to Twitter and Facebook, which is brilliant for tagging. You can upload a place and tag them, which makes them far easier to find for followers searching for photos of a certain area. Popular tags are also useful and will attract more followers, you will soon discover that the more you tag, the wider your audience will become. You can only use 30 tags per photo, therefore, use them wisely and only choose relevant tags.

Become a follower

Following other Instagram users will enable you to attract new followers, and increase your audience. You will find that people that you follower, will follow you back; however, you can be selective, and do not feel that you have to follow everyone. Quality is till vital when you are following Instagram users.

Promotion is essential

Using other social networking groups to promote your Instagram account is a fantastic way to get your photos seen. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to share your account and receive more followers. Tweeting, blogging and generally discussing your photos will encourage people to look at your account.

Consider your comments carefully

Your comments will matter to other people; therefore, you want to ensure that they are thoughtful and that you never insult another Instagram user. One word comments are considered to be lazy, and elaborate comments are over the top. You need to be honest, polite, and provide useful comments for user. This will often create a conversation, which is a fantastic way to discuss your account with other followers.

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