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July 30, 2012

How to Save the Most Money In Your Weekly Shopping

The weekly shop for food and other household items can be an ordeal for many of us at the best of times. Whether it is dragging the children around the superstore or bickering with your partner over what you need extra supplies of the food cupboard, rarely is it a great experience.

Follow our top tips to make your shopping experience as stress free as possible, and most importantly, save yourself money on your shop.

Online or In Person?

Online shopping is becoming ever more popular, and has reached the point where many people now do all of their shopping on the internet rather than going to the shops themselves. Many of our top tips can be achieved much easier when shopping online, although ultimately your preferences are down to you.

Shopping When Hungry

This is the factor that is perhaps best known however ignored all too often. If you want to avoid spending extra money on things that look great, then never shop when you are hungry. You will find yourself buying extra meat and other things that will quickly eat into your budget and leave you wondering where all the money has gone.

Be Clinical

Although there is a certain element of fun in just going to the shops and buying whatever you see, being more boring and clinical will be a lot kinder to your purse strings. How can you be clinical when it comes to your shopping?

· Make a list based on what you will eat and what you need. This means making a menu, people, and checking what is already in your cupboard, fridge, and freezer.

· Be conscious of what you have used previously when you consider regular purchases. If you usually buy two bottles of milk or extra vegetables then throw excess away, work out the difference and buy less.

Avoiding Deals

One of the biggest pitfalls with shopping is being taken in by the offers being promoted by the store. Although some of these seem particularly attractive, consider that you are actually only saving money if you use what you buy. Taking advantage of a “2 for” deal is pointless if you throw the other one away, and is a classic ploy used by stores to make you spend more. Be smart and don’t do it!


Rather than shop the deals in the store, look out for any available general discounts or offers currently being ran. You will be more likely to find these when shopping online, and can often take advantage of excellent introductory deals and generous percentage reductions, especially if you are a loyal, repeat customer.

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