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September 25, 2012

Life Style Changes - 9/25

Some of you know that I have been on a diet and following an exercise program. I am doing the GNC Lean Shakes for breakfast and lunch and following the GNC 1500 Calorie Meal Plan and I am currently doing the Supreme 90 Day exercise program.

I have been drinking the ready to drink Lean Shakes ready to drink ones because not only have they been on sale for buy one get one 50% off but they are also convenient when you're on the go. I learned that if you tend to be hungry you'll want to get the powder Lean Shake instead of the ready to drink because the powder ones contain more fiber. I'm hardly ever hungry from the morning through lunch which is why I don't need the extra fiber to fill me up.

I have tried the Chocolate Swiss, Vanilla Bean and Strawberries and Cream Ready to Drink shakes and I do prefer the Chocolate Swiss. Not only does it get rid of my chocolate craving for the day, but it is more satisfying to me. It seems like the Strawberries and Cream is more watery and I'm just not a Vanilla lover. I do buy a month supply or more at a time. The reason I do this is to ensure I have my shakes and I don't have to keep running to town with gas prices being almost $4 a gallon I don't have the money to keep running to get them. In my mind having them at home reminds me I spent the money on them so I need to continue this journey. Not to get off subject but I quit smoking and it will be 4 months on the 24th and I keep a pack of old open cigarettes in my purse. Not because I'd smoke them if I were to give in but it's a mind thing and as long as there at the house or nearby I'll stay on track it's just a reminder for me. Sounds weird but hey it works for me and that's all that matters and honestly because I am totally focusing on my weight loss journey I don't have time to think about having an old cigarette from an open pack in my purse.

Not eating breakfast and lunch was a terrible habit to start. I did it for so long that all I could do was maintain my weight. My body was forced to go into starvation mode because of it and I struggled to lose even a half of a pound. See when you don't feed your metabolism your body starts to store everything as fat, and yes even the good stuff like fruits and veggies because the body will never knew when it will be eating again if you don't stay on a schedule or routine.  I wasn't exercising either and sitting on the computer for many hours during the day so I really wasn't burning many calories either. 

When I started the Lean Shakes I started taking Raspberry Ketones too because I did a little research and kept watching the Dr. Oz segment on YouTube from one of his past shows. After a few weeks of seeing very little weight loss I asked a few people at the GNC stores which they thought was causing me to lose a little bit of the weight but not much and the people at the different stores said most likely the Lean Shakes because the Raspberry Ketones take quite some time to see results and I was told that they don't always work for everyone. 

I then came to a stand still after I lost a few pounds and couldn't lose a thing for a few weeks and I had been doing this for almost a month. Of course I was under the impression that I wouldn't have to exercise because I was taking the Raspberry Ketone and they didn't say anything about exercising on the Dr. Oz show or at least the segment I watched on YouTube. Since I wasn't losing anything I knew I needed to try something different, so I started to exercise and continued the Raspberry Ketone for that extra boost if it would help me.

I chose the Supreme 90 Days and it came with a 90 day success chart so I could easily stay on track. The success chart helps you to confuse your muscles and when you do this you start seeing changes. If you keep doing the same exercises you're only going to see some results and then come to a stand still, and with Supreme 90 Days you can grow because you can use heavier weights. The Supreme 90 Day is clinically proven and I am proof of the results.  To stay motivated they also gave me access to the Supreme 90 Day Online Support, as there was a code on the inside of the package of DVD's  as well on the instructions. To stay motivated I personally started using the Supreme 90 and other great Workouts Facebook group, it seemed like many people were a lot more interactive on that group than the regular Facebook page.

After using the Supreme 90 Days and GNC Lean Shake and meal plan plus Raspberry Ketone I started seeing some results so I figured this was due to the exercising, and since I was already on my second bottle of Raspberry Ketones I figured I would stop and just exercise for awhile to see what would happen and save some money. Maybe my metabolism was where it needed to be and I didn't need the Raspberry Ketone anymore.

Shortly after I stopped taking the Raspberry Ketones I came to another stand still. Was I maybe losing inches or was the Raspberry Ketones really helping? I never measured during that time so I wouldn't know, but pretty much right after I stopped the Raspberry Ketone I was contacted by LiveWell Market and they asked me if I would review there 7-Keto Ultra. I agreed because I really love to review products and tell people about them, and I wondered if it would really help.  I didn't really have anything to lose but weight and I was pretty much at a stand still anyways so why not. 

Once the 7-Keto Ultra came I started taking it right away the next day as I wanted to start fresh to take it for lunch and dinner as recommended on the package. You can read my 7-Keto Ultra Review but I can tell you it did start working for me and I did start losing some weight again. I did use the entire bottle and I lost a total of 10 pounds. That doesn't sound like a lot in one month but that's an average of 2.5 pounds a week. 

I recently bought another bottle of the 7-Keto Ultra from LiveWell Market because it has been working for me and I also added Green Coffee Bean Extract from Walmart.  I have been consistently lost weight darn near every day it's .2 here .4 there but it is weight, and as a matter of fact I have some completed my first 30 days of the Supreme 90 Day program and my results are below.

I have lost a total of 19 pounds as of Monday, September 17, 2012 and a total of 13 3/8 inches around my entire body. Now I will be honest we forgot to measure both sides of my body. I only measured 1 arm and leg when I should have done both because they can be a little off on size. I lost 2 1/2 inches between my arms and legs so it's possible that I lost the same amount on the other side.

Get this 5 1/2  of the 13 3/8 inches are from just my waist. 
I will take whole body shots from now on.

Today I'm on day 38 of Supreme 90 Day and I will update my weight and inches on my 60th day, and then again on the 90th day. I will probably have to complete the Supreme 90 Day a few times but whatever it takes I'm not going to give up. I'm burning more calories with this exercise program than I am on the stationary bike I use and I peddle my butt off, so I do use the bike after some of the workouts so I can burn more calories, and of course on the rest days I have to do something so I ride my bike.  I am going to start incorporating Brazil Butt Lift on my next round of Supreme 90 Day.  I guess this is no longer a weight loss journey it's a life style change for me.

Weight loss 19 pounds
Inches lost in 30 days is 13 3/8
September 17th, 2012 update

What are you doing these days to stay in shape? Have you made life style changes? I would love to hear about them please leave your comments below.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for publishing this article. The opinions expressed are entirely mine and any claims should be verified on each of the products websites. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers".


Tami Valentine said...

Congrats! Good for you. I'll be anxiously watching your success. Great job!!! :)

DebrasDollars said...

Thank you Tami. I can't wait to share my success with you. I was sick over the weekend and wasn't able to exercise, and I took yesterday and today as a day to recover, but I may get back to exercising this evening. Have a great day!


Amanda @ Survival Guide said...

Wow,19 pounds in less than a month is AWESOME! Congrats! Thanks for linking up. :)

DebrasDollars said...

Thanks so much Amanda @Survival Guide. Have a great day and you're welcome.