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September 14, 2012

Rompus Words Review - Facebook version

I just tried the new game on Facebook called Rompus Words. It's a free crossword style Facebook game that you will find relaxing, and you can challenge yourself. You can play the Facebook version and compete against your friends for weekly high scores. You can even send your friends help or even work against them during game play.

Before you get to dive into the game you'll fill in a few blanks with your own quotes for your friends' fan clubs. The quotes that you enter will show up while your friends are playing. The quotes are 

...a very low scoring word?

...a pretty good scoring word? amazing scoring word?

The goal of the game is to get the highest score as possible in a limited amount of turns given to you. Then at the end of each week the scores will be calculated and you and your friends can compare your scores. Every week the scores are reset and the competition starts over. The top 10 scores will be posted on the Rompus Words Community Facebook page so you'll be able to tag yourself or your friends. 

Each letter has it's own value as there is a number in the bottom right corner of every tile, and every time you make a word you get a score. There are different types of game pieces throughout the game which give you more points, there are also some game pieces that are green with a question mark and those are bonus squares. The bonus squares could your friends trying to help you with your game or it could be your friends trying to work against you, or it could simply be a random reward that's why it's a mystery game piece.


If you get stuck during game play it's ok you can check out the helpers tab which is on the left. You will find many ways to make this game super fun. There are many ways to play in the helpers tab. The down side is it will cost credits, but you will be given 5,000 credits when you first start playing the game, and on the up side you will earn more credits by playing daily and also inviting your Facebook friends to play Rompus Words with you. You can also play the website version of Rompus Words.

I really had a lot of fun playing Rompus Words but, I wasn't able to complete the game in one sitting so I closed out Facebook and returned at a different time and it let me continue my game. I tried this with the website version as well and it worked out the same way I was able to play on either site to continue my game. 

I really liked playing by myself because I didn't have to worry about waiting on another player to finish there turn. Once I formed a word and submitted it the server immediately validated my word and gave me a score for that word and added it to my total score.  I was able to keep right on at it and form more words one right after another and at my own pace.  I like that there is a shuffle button too because sometimes it's easier to see letters in a different order to form better or longer words.

There is a great tutorial of how to play the game so if you're not sure how to play you can go through the tutorial. If you like Rompus Words be sure to visit the Rompus Words Community on Facebook and interact with the others who like Rompus Words.

I thought this was a fun and relaxing game. If you like word games this would be a game that you should check out because it can be one of those addicting games on Facebook and I highly recommend it.

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