Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Chamilia Silver Snap Bracelet & Charm Review

October 12, 2012

Chamilia Silver Snap Bracelet & Charm Review

Charm bracelets are a great way for women and young girls to express their personalities and treasured memories as well as make a fashion statement and these bracelets are unique in their own way and very special to those that wear them. Chamilia has quality charm bracelets that are stylish and affordable and they always offer free shipping. Recently I was given the opportunity to review a charm bracelet as well as a bead from their jewelry collection.

I received a Silver Snap Bracelet and it's simple and sleek yet stylish, it can be worn with any casual attire. What makes this bracelet unique is when you start adding beads and charms to show off your personality. This bracelet is hand-crafted using genuine sterling silver which features a snap clasp that becomes seamless once you fill up the bracelet with beautiful authentic beads. 

Everyone has a different size wrist, so these bracelets come in different sizes so that you can add beads to your bracelet and still wear it comfortably.  There are two ways to determine your bracelet size. One is to measure your wrist and add about one inch to leave enough room so that you can fill up your bracelet with beads. The other way to measure your wrist is to put a string on your wrist leaving enough room to place two fingers between the string and your wrist, then you'll measure the length of the string.  I tried both ways to determine my bracelet size and they are both accurate and I was able to get mine in an 8.3 inch bracelet.

I am hoping that my daughter will have small wrists like me because I intend to give this bracket to her when she gets older. If for some reason she ends up with a smaller or bigger wrist then what I chose for this review then of course I will just get her one to fit her wrist properly and transfer the beads to the new one for her and start purchasing beads for myself. 

The charm that I chose to review was the very cute Minnie Mouse Head which my daughter and I really love.  Minnie Mouse is a classic icon and she will always remain a staple in pop culture history. This charm includes all the details of Minnie Mouses head and it comes in a sterling silver.  My daughter is two years old and she rarely watches T.V. , but when she does it's Mickey Mouse's Club House and my daughter is always pointing to Minnie Mouse and calling her mouse so she recognizes her face. Since this is one of the few cartoon characters she's into or at least recognizes since she rarely watches T.V. I thought I would start off with this particular charm.
In the future I will be purchasing more charms and beads for my daughter throughout the years to add to her charm bracelet. I will be getting her one with her birthstone as well as the letter V for her name Violet and the daughter charm.  Once she is old enough (about 5) when she can start picking out her own beads for her bracelet or tells me what she likes then she can help choose. Until then I will keep this lovely bracelet and charm tucked away in the little green velvet pouch that the bracelet came with so it will stay in beautiful condition until she's old enough to wear it.  I also received the same color gift bag so I can give it to her as a gift.

I tried the bracelet on and it was easy to open and put on one handed and since I had to twist the charm onto the bracelet I knew it was on their securely and I knew I didn't have to worry about losing the charm when I took off the bracelet. The bracelet felt natural and it the bead didn't dig into or poke into my wrist. I wasn't sure what it would feel like with a charm on the bracelet but it felt fine and I wasn't worried about it.

I took my kids out to eat at Ole Times Country Buffet in downtown Lake City, FL and our server was wearing a Chamilia bracelet just like this one I reviewed and I commented on hers. She had beautiful charms on hers and it was just stunning. It was nice to see a bracelet with so many charms it's like her bracelet told a story about her life and every charm was special to her, that is what makes these bracelets so unique and special. I can't wait to start filling up my daughters bracelet. I like the bracelet a lot and it would make a great gift for any woman or young lady. The bracelet and charm are high quality pieces of jewelry and I think it makes a great conversation piece, with that said I recommend jewelry from Chamilia

Disclosure: "I received the products above for free from Chamilia in order to try the product to form an opinion for this review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor's site".

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