Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Nuvia Trim - Healthy Weightloss In A Cup Review

November 9, 2012

Nuvia Trim - Healthy Weightloss In A Cup Review

This past summer I was given the opportunity to try Nuvia Cafe which is an instant coffee that has some healthy benefits. Recently the same company contacted me about trying their New Healthy Weightloss Coffee. Nuvia Trim is the first coffee with green bean extract and raspberry ketone extract infused with coffee and it also contains African Mango, Green Tea with ECGC, and Ganoderma. 

Nuvia Trim is made with the finest Sumatran Arabica coffee bean just like Nuvia Cafe so it has the same great taste. Instant coffee is a big turn off to people but this one is totally different just like Nuvia Cafe it tastes great and smells great too. My experience with this coffee is to get it really hot before you drink it and use purified water. I wasn't a big fan of this being an iced coffee but others may like it that way. You can still add sweetener and cream if you'd like or use less water to make it have a bolder taste for an expresso. Since super food extracts are not water soluable natural sediments are normal, but I didn't have any issues with this. 

I researched the ingredients and basically these are all weight loss supplements as well as powerful anitoxidants and anti-aging herbs, and it's also an appetite suppressor as well and it supports healthy after meal sugar levels. What this boils down to is Nuvia Trim is Healthy Weightloss In A CupThere are many people that don't take pills very well and wish they could get the benefits of these ingredients and now those people can by drinking one cup of Nuvia Trim 30 minutes before a meal. No matter where you go you can take Nuvia Trim with you because it's instant coffee now that's convenience for you. If you're counting carbs, calories or fat grams you will be happy to know that there are only 10 calories in Nuvia Trim and 2 carbohydrates and absolutely no fat, it does contain less than 1 gram of protein. 

I'll be honest I've tried Raspberry Ketone by itself with no success, but I have tried Green Bean Coffee from Walmart and had lost a little bit of weight. Prior to drinking this coffee I've never paired the two products together (Raspberry Ketone and Green Bean Coffee). I had never had the other ingredients either I was really excited to try this to see if it would work with all the healthy ingredients in it I went off my diet while my husband was home on his well deserved time off after working 3 months straight. I knew that I wouldn't be eating right anyways because our 15th Anniversary was coming up and of course I usually splurge when he's home anyways. I know it I'm bad because I have no self control when he's on time off. When he's eating all the good foods like bread and pasta that I normally don't eat I'm totally jealous and indulge. I drank the Nuvia Trim while I wasn't on any type of diet not even my Lean Shakes and I've slacked I didn't exercise either, but much to my surprise and you will be happy to know that I had lost some weight. As a matter of fact I lost 9.8 pounds. I'm actually shocked that I even lost any weight at all because of the way I was eating, and I wasn't hungry either. Just imagine if I had been on my diet and watching what I ate faithfully and exercising how much more I could have lost. 

I am pleased with my results by drinking this coffee. I never felt jittery like some may expect. I never got hungry in between meals and I lost weight, I love it!  I do recommend Nuvia Trim because it's a great cup of coffee with healthy weight loss benefits, but keep in mind that results will vary with each person. I highly suggest that you talk to your doctor before drinknig Nuvia Trim and before taking any weight loss supplement. You can learn more about Nuvia Trim as well as purchase it by visiting their website and you can become a fan on Facebook as well as follow them on Twitter @NuviaCafe for updates.

Disclosure: "I received the Nuvia Trim Healthy Weightloss Coffee In A Cup for free in order to try the product to form an opinion for this review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site."

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