Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Wordless Wednesday 11/14 - Our 15th Anniversary

November 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 11/14 - Our 15th Anniversary

We spent out 15th Anniversary on a Casino Boat in Brunswick, Georgia called Emerald Princess II. It was fun to go up on deck and be on the boat in the bay. Once we started sailing we were both fine, but after they got us out into the Atlantic Hurricane Sandy was brewing and even though we didn't think the waves were very big we ended up getting sea sick. I'm sure some of being sea sick came from not being used to being on a boat and also from going around in big circles. You see it's illegal to gamble while you're on land their so they take you out 3 miles into the Federal water and start circling. I guess we didn't plan very well because either because we had a hard time finding a Hotel that late at night and everyone was booked. Once we found one we didn't get any sleep because of these college kids running up and down the hallways half naked and slamming doors. Oh well it was a good night spent with each other and that's all that matters. Next time we want to gamble we will be in a building and next time we go on a boat it will be a cruise where the ship won't be going on circles to get sea sick Here's to another 15 years! 

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