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December 10, 2012

Flower Muse - Calla Lilies - Do- It- Yourself Project

I really love fresh cut flowers and I would like to share with you a do-it-yourself project for the holidays using Calla Lilies. Calla Lilies come in a variety of vibrant colors and these are a very elegant flower. Flower Muse is a from farm to table floral e-tailer sent me some natural Calla Lilies that are simply gorgeous as well as their new Christmas dyed Calla Lilies which are totally genius of them to do, and they shipped directly from Ecuador.

I've never worked with Calla Lilies before so I wanted to try them to make some unique flower arrangements and home decor with a Christmas theme. When you're doing more than one flower arrangement you'll want to find inexpensive items so that it's cost effective because you'll be spending more for the flowers and that's just what I did. I do apologize for not taking photos of the flowers right out of the boxes that I received. I was so excited about working with them that I totally forget to snap a few photos.

I went to my local Dollar Tree store and found some really great items use to make and show off my flower arrangements. For the first flower arrangement I found a Christmas colored basket, two candles stick candles, a white and gold edged wired ribbon and an extra large Christmas bulb. I also bought some floral foam and floral wire. I placed the foam into a plastic container that I already had, and I had super glued the foam to the bottom of a plastic container so that it would stay secure. I then cut 1" off of each stem of the natural calla lilies and the dyed Christmas calla lilies which is what's recommended to help they stay healthy.  The flowers only need to be in 1-1.5" of water so I added that to the plastic container and then I put the flowers into the foam until they reached the bottom of the plastic container.  I then used the white and gold wired edge ribbon to form my own ribbon and I laid it down onto the plastic container to cover it. I used the floral wire to secure the two candles together. I had to cut a little more off of the dyed Christmas callas so that I could lay them over the bow to cover the plastic container area to disguise it. I then added the extra large gold and green Christmas bulb. It was an easy inexpensive to make in fact it was only $6 and it was fun and easy to make this flower arrangement.

I made a simple arrangement, this is something you could put on and end table or in the middle of a coffee table. I used a white ribbon and candy canes that I already had and I found a plastic bag flower vase at the Dollar Tree that contained little round beads that swell up and become the size of a marble when they are in the water long enough. I didn't add all of the beads so I only a few not quite half the bag. It's really hard to see the little beads in the photo but they are there. It's simple and inexpensive to make a beautiful flower arrangement and it only cost me $1 at the Dollar Tree for the plastic reusable vase.

I made another simple arrangement, but only using the red dyed Christmas callas.  I already had the glass vase and ribbon this is another great way to add flowers to your home during the holidays. You can set them on your coffee table or end tables so that when others are visiting in the living room they can enjoy the flowers


The next arrangement I made was a large one. I added a large amount of the natural callas and then a few of the dyed Christmas callas in the middle. I already had the large vase and it's one that many people use for beta fish. I love the little clear crystals from the Dollar Tree so I picked up 3 bags and I used the other beads that swelled up and added them to the vase. It's genius to dye the flowers the stems were red and it tinted the water and as you can see the beads that swell up turned pink. The flowers seemed to go in a direction I didn't want them to. I originally had to many beads in the bottom and had to cut a little more off of the stems for them to sit right in the vase, I regret not taking another photo after I did that. I only spent $3 for the three bags of clear crystals to make the arrangement everything else I already had on hand.

For the last arrangement I made a Christmas wreath using the dyed Christmas Calla Lilies. I also used the plastic green garland and I bought two of them. To save money I didn't buy the wooden wreath that you use to wrap the garland around. I simply wrapped the plastic garland and then intertwined it to make the wreath. I did purchase some red and silver wired edged ribbon to make my own ribbon for the wreath and I also found a really cute cardinal bird which was sitting on a pine cone with a gold leaf. I had some artificial poinsettias already at home, so I popped of the leaves and because they looked like holly I popped off the plastic seeds of the poinsettia flower and because they were yellow I used red nail polish to paint them red. I hot glued the three little seeds to the leaves to make them look like holly and then I added it to the wreath. In between each red dyed Christmas Calla Lily is my creation of holly. This arrangement cost me $5 because I already had the other items I incorporated to make the wreath.

Here is an up close photo of the cardinal bird and the holly that I created myself. Another great idea would be to use the wreath as the centerpiece for large flower arrangement. Simply lay the wreath on the table without the bow and put the large flower arrangement in the middle.

I had a lot of fun with this project and the natural Calla Lilies were easy to work with, but do take caution when working with the dyed Callas as they will stain clothing and other material. They dyed my hands but wash right off with hot soapy water. I spend less than $20 to make all of the arrangements and they turned out beautifully. I'm sure you can come up with some great ideas for your flowers this holiday season. 

Flower Muse offers many different varieties of flowers. If you have plans to purchase Calla Lilies I highly recommend that you purchase them from Flower Muse because they have the finest flowers with absolute wonderful quality that are fresh from a farm in Ecuador. You can learn more about the varieties of flowers they carry by visiting there website. You can also find Flower Muse on Facebook and stay updated @theflowermuse on Twitter.

Disclosure: "I received natural Calla Lilies as well as Dyed Christmas Calla Lilies for free in order to try the product to form an opinion for my review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site." 

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