Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: UPDATE! My Doctor cut my Blood Pressure Medication in Half!

December 18, 2013

UPDATE! My Doctor cut my Blood Pressure Medication in Half!

I wanted to update you all that I went to the Dr. yesterday and I got some good news. I'm doing so well that the Dr wants me to cut my blood pressure medication in half Yippy! I will  have it rechecked and if at that time I'm doing well she is going to have me stop taking the medication all together. I am so ecstatic! I had never seen this Dr. before but she was amazed at how much weight I had lost since my last appointment which wasn't to long ago - October. She was going through my chart and mentioned it. They also ran a B12, Vitamin D, Iron and part of the Cholesterol I know they ran the HDL but I can't remember which others they were able to do. Last time I had it ran was in September so my insurance company won't pay for it until Jan. 3 so it will be after that, that I will get part of it done, the rest of the stuff she was able to do. Unfortunately our insurance ran out on Dec. 31 because my husbands just was eliminated as well as 139 other driver's in October but they paid for our insurance through Dec. 31,  so until my husbands new insurance kicks in at his new job sometime in February I won't be able to have anything rechecked until then. I was never put on any medication for the high cholesterol I was just told I better be changing some things or I would be put on something if they checked it the next time and it was to high and the 3 days a week exercise I am doing. The only other changes I've made are any eating habits.  I'm excited to learn about my other blood work. I will update you on that when I learn more. By the way as I as walking through the hallway the Dr. I usually see kept staring at me. I walked over to her and I said do you remember me and she said of course I do but what did you do?  She seen the photo I wear around my neck of my before picture and she said it's just hard to believe that's you after seeing you today. It's the best feeling in the world when your Dr tells you you're doing the right thing and to keep it up.  I said thank you I most definitely will and told her I'd see her next time while I was turning away I was smiling ear to ear all the way out the door and to the truck.

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