Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: !2 Week Weight Loss Challenge begins at 6pm

July 12, 2014

!2 Week Weight Loss Challenge begins at 6pm

There is still time to enter the 12 Week Online Weight Loss Challenge which begins at 6pm. The $10 participation fee needs to be paid by 6p as well as your current starting weight sent to me in time to participate in this challenge. Each week you will be sending me your weight (pounds) through the 12 weeks.  All of the money will be paid right back out to the winners.  1st place is 50% , 2nd place is 30% and 3rd place is 20% .  The money will be paid by PayPal to the winners. Remember you will get valuable nutrition information and a Free Wellness Evaluation. I would love to help everyone reach there health goals. So please contact me.

If you don't meet the deadline for this Weight Loss Challenge don't worry there will be another one after the current one ends.  If we get enough people who missed this one that want to participate I will hold another one before this challenge ends. 


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