Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: 30 Years for Relay For Life

June 6, 2015

30 Years for Relay For Life

Last night at 6p we started our walk for Relay For Life and we are collecting our donations and we will complete our walk today at 10a this morning. It's my first walk and although I've had some family and friends affected by cancer I never walked before. It wasn't until last year that my dad was diagnosed with cancer that I decided I would walk this year. This year I'm walking for my dad who completed his radiation last year for prostate cancer, and my grandpa who passed away from it 8 years ago. I am also walking for my husbands grandma Violet who passed away from cancer several years ago. I am also walking for my Aunt Patti who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of the year as well as for my friends Ken and Kelly who are going through the hard times right now. These are the people affected by cancer in my life. My walk isn't just dedicated to my family and friends it's also for all of those affected by cancer. For those that died, for those that survived and for their family members. 

Today is another a day of hope that they will find a cure to heal those with cancer so that moms, dads, sisters brothers, aunts, uncles, husband and wives, children, grandparents, cousins and friends and our pets won't have to go through it or watch someone go through it.

If you have not made a donation to the American Cancer Society please make one today. I did!

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