Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Alyce's 3 Day Trial Experience

June 4, 2015

Alyce's 3 Day Trial Experience

Alyce made the decision to change her life by losing weight so she jumped on her 3 day trial to experience Herbalife.  Her daddy was killed in a car accident. He was her best friend, hero and mentor. He loved being fit and looking good and was a gym freak in all the right ways. Alyce's dad was worried about her weight and because type 2 diabetes runs in her family he wanted her to lose the weight to lower her chances of getting it. He loved Alyce so much and worried about her and her health everyday. People have different things to motivate them and Alyce's daddy is hers. Alyce thanked me for guiding her in the right direction to a new lifestyle. She also thanked me for being her mentor and wellness coach. I am so proud of Alyce for taking control of her life.  
Alyce was a skeptic but after starting day 1 of Herbalife she had more energy and she was more alert at work. It kept her from snacking and it put her in an overall better mood. She said she can't believe it was the first 8 hours on Herbalife. Alyce decided to snatch up another one before I ran out of the 3 day trials just so she wouldn't run out, so she got a total of 6 days to tie her over until she could get her order. 

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