Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Sean's 3 Day Trial Expereince

June 5, 2015

Sean's 3 Day Trial Expereince

Sean reached out to me because he wanted to make changes in his life as he wants to be around for his wife and 2 daughters and there 3rd child on the way. He wants
to lose weight so that he can be healthy and be around for his family. He also wants to teach his kids how to be healthier eaters and get good nutrition. Sean has set small goals and high goals and he has reached many of those goals. Sean is committed to reach his goal of being able to take his children to a theme park and be able to ride the rides with them. When Sean completed his 3 day trial he lost 6 pounds and gained tons of energy. Sean said it's easy and convenient and it fits his lifestyle and has continued. 

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