Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Purifyou PurePouch #Pacifier Premium Cases with Reusable Mesh Sack Review

January 16, 2016

Purifyou PurePouch #Pacifier Premium Cases with Reusable Mesh Sack Review

I was given the opportunity to review the purifyou PurePouch Pacifer Case and it's a set of 3 premium #pacifier cases and it comes with a free reusable sack. These PurePouch Pacifer cases are great for busy moms on the go and it will protect your babies pacifiers by keeping them clean for the next use and they won't get lost. 

The purifyou PurePouch Pacifier Cases are shaped like an egg so they are easy to grab and easy to open and close with ease. To open them you just place your thumb at the front of the lid and all of your fingers on the back of the case and above the hinge then you gently squeeze both ends of the lid towards each other. To close them you just snap both sides together and when the cases are closed they seal tightly to protect your babies pacifiers and or their belongings.  The cases do have 4 holes on the bottom to allow them to be breathable.

The cases are large enough to hold multiple pacifiers and they include a convenient looped strap which allows you to attach the cases to anything you can think of such as the the handle on the car seat, stroller or even a belt loop or your purse.  You can keep one on the cradle or crib, the car seat and the stroller so you've always got a clean pacifier in its case no matter where you are. Now you won't have to dig for a pacifier in the diaper bag or your purse it will be right at your finger tips. 

The free reusable sack is machine washable and it is made out of a mesh type material comes with a string and it is also transparent. The sack comes in handy to store all 3 cases in it or you can use it for things like your little ones healthy fruits you might be carrying around for snack time. You can also use the reusable sack for baby supplies or even your electronics so it does have many uses and can come in very handy and it also helps save the environment too. 

The purifyou PurePouch Pacifier Cases can be used for boys and girls and they come in pink, purple and blue. If I had a baby boy I wouldn't be interested in the purple or pink for him, so maybe they will come out with more colors for boys such as yellow and green or orange to go along with the blue. They are non toxic, BPA free, lead free, cadmium free, pthalate free and worry free and they are backed by purifyou's 100% money back satisfaction. I highly recommend these pacifier cases to protect your babies pacifiers and the reusable sack.

Disclosure: " I received the 3 Premium PurePouch Pacifier Cases and Reusable Mesh Sack from purifyou for free to form an unbiased opinion for this review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor's site".

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