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August 6, 2020

Today is a very special day

Nicholas started dating Ora a year ago today! Nicholas and Ora worked together at McDonald's which is where they physically first met. Funny backstory Nick and Ora were Facebook friends in 2016 and they got Facebook married at that time and then he invited her to the fireworks. However, we were in Indiana on vacation when he asked her to go and he had no intention of actually meeting to go to the fireworks with her even if we had been back home in Florida. 😮  What in the world was he thinking? Ora ended up not going to see the fireworks that year as she was brokenhearted.

When they started working together Ora didn't realize this is the same dude that stood her up 3 years prior. Nick however, knew she was the girl he stood up. Nick messaged Ora on Facebook and was talking to her like he knew her and she asked who he was and he said I am the new guy at work. She still didn't realize this is the same dude that stood her up 3 years prior. Until, they started talking and he eventually reminded her who he was, and she was very surprised but readily forgave him as she was giving him goo goo eyes at work just like he was her. 😄

Nick said Ora didn't tell him right away that she was Jewish and he jokingly said that if he would have known he would have backed out sooner. When I first met Ora I found out she was a dual enrollment student and she recently graduated from both High School and College with her Associates Degree. I  also found out she was vegan. I had a difficult time figuring out how to cook for her without compromising everyone else's meals. I did learn a lot of ways to modify my own recipes to include her and satisfy everyone else along the way.

We recently went to Indiana on vacation and she turned vegetarian on us 2 weeks prior and only Nick knew until we arrived, this was so she could try Nicks favorite ice cream which is Hershey's Cappuccino Crunch. Now that Ora is vegetarian she can eat many of my recipes. Her favorite comfort food is macaroni and cheese aside from ice cream. Now she can eat my homemade macaroni and cheese Instant Pot Recipe and she said it is incredibly creamy and delicious. 

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