Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Furrish Universal Cat Harness and Collar Review #myfurrish

September 6, 2020

Furrish Universal Cat Harness and Collar Review #myfurrish

My daughter in law Taylee has as always wanted a harness for her cat Bill Clawsby. Taylee was given the opportunity to review the Furrish Universal Cat Harness and Collar so that she can walk Bill Clawsby outside and let him explore nature. 

The Furrish Universal Cat Harness and Collar is escape proof and it is suitable for all cat breeds, no matter what size they are. The collar is made of premium leather material, and it is adjustable with snap button fasteners so you can fit it to your cat. It also comes with a small tinkling bell on the collar. The lead and harness is made of nylon and it is also adjustable.  The leash has a release buckle with a D ring on it so that your cat can wear it the way it came or you can attach the leash to it.  The collar is solid in color and the lead and harness is multi-colored, they are available in blue or red.  The Furrish Universal Cat Harness set also includes a plush mouse toy with organic cat nip inside and a tinkling bell inside as well.  It also comes with an added bonus e-book that provides educational tips for new fur parents. 

After Taylee used the Furrish Universal Cat Harness set she said it was exactly what she expected. Taylee chose blue for Bill Clawsby and the collar is modern and it fits perfectly after adjusting it easily and it seemed to be comfortable on her cat, and the bell is an added cute touch. The harness and lead are functional as they do adjust easily too, and they are strong and sturdy. When Bill Clawsby becomes more comfortable walking around indoors with the harness on Taylee said she will begin taking him outdoors. 

Right now Taylee is just getting Bill Clawsby used to the harness with her carrying the lead. Bill Clawsby didn't seem to have any problems wearing the harness and he is already familiar with wearing a collar. Taylee has retired Bill Clawsby's old collar and he is walking around with his new blue collar.  Taylee is doing another few test runs indoors before she takes him outside for the first time. Taylee said she does feel confident knowing when she does take her cat outside that Bill Clawsby will be safe with #myfurrish Universal Cat Harness and Collar. She is extremely happy with the product that she has wanted to get for awhile now. 

Bill Clawsby enjoys catnip, he gets really hyper and he is more playful than usual. He played for quite awhile with his new toy mouse with the hidden catnip inside. 

Taylee read the bonus e-book and she said that it provides educational information on various topics. Some of the topics have phases, so when you feel comfortable knowing your cat is ready you can move onto the next phase. 

Taylee is extremely satisfied with the Furrish products and accessories. The collar, harness and lead are made of high quality materials. Bill Clawsby is a bigger cat and this fit him just fine and there was plenty of room if you have a larger cat. Taylee said the e-book is helpful with the educational material, and the mouse toy with organic catnip inside kept Bill Clawsby entertained and playful. Taylee recommends the Furrish Universal Cat Harness and Collar to anyone looking for a great set to be able to walk their kitten or cat. 

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