Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: Rainbow Washi Tape Set of 20 Rolls Review

September 29, 2020

Rainbow Washi Tape Set of 20 Rolls Review

There are many types of decorative adhesive tapes that are great for all types of DIY crafts. Think of it as tape art! Let me tell you about Ora's favorite kind. This type of tape is sticky, functional and practical.  This type of tape comes in all different types of designs with different pictures, patterns, textures and colors and you can even write on it. Ora likes watching videos of people using it on bullet journals and she's always wanted some for herself to work on her projects. She likes the variety of color and styles. Recently Ora was given the opportunity to review a Washi Tape Rainbow Set of 20 Rolls

Where does the word Washi come from and what exactly is it made of?  Washi is a Japanese Paper,
 (wa - 和 meaning Japanese / shi - 紙 meaning paper). It is a kind of paper made using fiber from the bark of the gampi tree which are Japanese shrubs and they are used to make the high quality washi paper, which has been around since the 8th century. Other alternatives like, bamboo, rice, wheat and hemp are also used to make this type of paper.

This tape comes in 20 different designs in a box for storage and comes in a rainbow theme. The set of decorative tape measures 15mm (.59") wide x 5m (16.4') long. The designs are attractive and fun and the main theme includes dots, stripes, geometric shapes, stars, flowers, leaves, bunnies, birds, swans and ships. The tape also comes in red, orange, pink, yellow, green, purple, black, gold, and white. 
You won't need scissors to use this tape because it is thin enough to tear by hand, but strong enough to adhere to almost any clean surface. You can easily peel the tape off and reposition it several times while working on your project and then reapply it as needed before it actually loses it's adhesive properties. The tape is not permanent so if you want to put it on your walls or on other areas you can remove it easily leaving no adhesive residue behind when you do peel it off, which allows children to use it too. Washi Tape is perfect to use on calendars, planners, folders, journals, and envelopes. You can even decorate a gift or a self delivered package for the upcoming holidays

Ora started making a bullet journal using the decorative Washi Tape and she said functional tears easily. She said that not having to use scissors will help get her projects done faster. The tape was sticky so everything on her project stayed in place effectively, but she was able to peel it off easily when she needed to leaving no residue behind.  She said it's a practical and worked the way she had hoped that it would on her project and she would recommend this product. She also likes the cute box that it came in so it all stays together in one place to use next time. 

If you like to work on crafts and DIY projects this will be a great way to decorate with trendy designs and colors, and you can decorate just about anything with Washi Tape.  Check out our DebrasDollars YouTube Channel so that you can see how easy it is to use this Washi Tape. 

Leave us a comment below and let us know what you would use this handy practical tape for. 

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