Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: FREE Evan-Moor Educational Activity eBooks Pre-K through 6th grade

October 13, 2020

FREE Evan-Moor Educational Activity eBooks Pre-K through 6th grade

Educational Freebies are Fantastic!  If you head over to Evan-Moor you will be able to snag your Daily Fundamentals Free Educational Printable's and eBooks, they are PDF's so they will be emailed to you so you can print them right away. These FREE Educational tools are a great way to keep your kids engaged in a fun way while they are practicing their math, language and reading skills. 

The enhanced ebooks include 30 weekly units of language, math and reading sheets, so you'll have enough for Monday-Friday to keep them busy learning. The Daily Fundamentals Free e-book for grades 1-6 is a $19.99 value. 

If you have more than one grade you need to print out, then after you receive your e-book via email, you will will need to submit a new form for additional grade levels.

The Free Early Bird World and Rainforest e-books are full-color stories and activity books that have 64 pages per book and they are recommended for Pre-K to Kindergarten kids. The the two theme based stories can be read out load, plus they include alphabet cards, activity pages to print that will help keep your younger kids engaged in phonics, reading and math skills. These Free Early Bird World and Rainforest e-books are a $15.98 value. 

There is also a Free SEL Activities sampler for grades PreK-6. These are Social and Emotional Learning Activities, and they are Evan-Moor's Top Student activity books, which include Printable SEL activities and they are recommended for grades Pre-K through 6th. They include "mindful moments" mediation for each grade level that includes a QR code for audio and full-color activities to share and print. 

If Evan-Moor is not in your inbox then be sure to check your Promotions, junk mail or spam folder. If for some reason at that time you still do not receive your e-books or your sampler you can email (marketing at evan-moor dot com) for assistance.  

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