Debras Dollars It Just Makes Cents!: #MySmile Unboxing Review

October 5, 2020

#MySmile Unboxing Review

I was given the opportunity to try the #MySmile Whitening Kit. This whitening kit comes with a 7 day supply of whitening gel. I like how convenient and easy this is to do at home. You start by taking out the batteries and then you remove the plastic,  then you reinsert the batteries. Next you will attach the mouth tray to the LED light. You then apply the whitening gel on both top and bottom of the mouth tray. Then when you are ready you insert the light tray into your mouth. The LED light will automatically turn off and it will beep in 10 minute intervals for convenience. 

I started my first day with the whitening kit. First I lightly brushed my teeth for 3 minutes. Then I followed the directions on how much whitening gel to apply on the tray. I initially got some of the gel on my tongue when I first put it in my mouth, and it tastes bitter but I had no issues otherwise.  Once I had the tray in my mouth I started the process and
 kept the mouth piece in for 10 minutes until the LED light turned off.  I then brushed my teeth again to remove any residue from the whitening gel and cleaned the whitening tray thoroughly. It is recommended that you do not eat any foods or drink any beverages that stain your teeth for at least 1 hour. I will update with my results on day 7 after my full review of the MySmile Whitening Kit. 

You can purchase your MySmile kit on Amazon at

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